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State Management with NGXS

by Aliaksei Kuncevič

What is

State Management ?

State management refers to the management of the state of one or more user interface controls such as text fields, OK buttons, radio buttons, etc. in a graphical user interface. In this user interface programming technique, the state of one UI control depends on the state of other UI controls. For example, a state managed UI control such as a button will be in the enabled state when input fields have valid input values and the button will be in the disabled state when the input fields are empty or have invalid values.

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state management

Do I need state management for my angular app?✓&q=state+management+rxjs


My Simple App

My Complex App


  • Simple
  • Dependency Injection (DI)
  • Action Life Cycles
  • Promises

Action Life Cycles

  • ofAction
  • ofActionDispatched
  • ofActionSuccessful
  • ofActionCanceled
  • ofActionErrored

Patch State

  LoadItems(sc: StateContext) {
    sc.patchState({ loading: true });
    return this.service
        tap(data => sc.dispatch(new LoadItemsSuccess(data)))


  • Store - global state container, action dispatcher and selector
  • Actions - class describing the action to take and its associated metadata
  • State - class definition of the state
  • Selects - state slice selectors

ngxs store

export class AddTodo {
  static type = 'AddTodo';

  constructor(public readonly payload: string) {}

export class RemoveTodo {
  static type = 'RemoveTodo';

  constructor(public readonly payload: number) {}

export class TodoStateModel {
  todo: string[];
  pizza: { model: any };

  name: 'todo',
  defaults: []
export class TodoState {
  static pandas(state: string[]) {
    return state.filter(s => s.indexOf('panda') > -1);

  addTodo({ getState, setState }: StateContext, { payload }: AddTodo) {
    setState([...getState(), payload]);

  removeTodo({ getState, setState }: StateContext, { payload }: RemoveTodo) {
    setState(getState().filter((_, i) => i !== payload));

control flow


  • Devtools-plugin
  • Form-plugin
  • Logger-plugin
  • Storage-plugin
  • Websocket-plugin



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